The Placemaking Podcast with Chad Martin

Applying Environmental Branding to Create Memorable Spaces and Places with Chad Martin – Ep. 74.

Chad Martin, Founder of Weave Property Branding is a brand designer who has been in the architectural world for over twenty years. Living in the details as buildings take shape, he has an understanding and awareness of the small moves that can change an average space to a unique one. With a focus in environmental branding, he is able to shape a space to create a memorable experience. With a passion for thoughtful placemaking, Chad founded Weave to help intertwine branding with the built environment. Weave Property Branding works to help blend your branding efforts into the built environment. In doing so, their process provides developers with design consistency from the beginning to the delivery of the property. They begin with a specific design inspiration effort that guides the design team’s efforts throughout the project. In a way, Weave acts as an owner’s representative throughout the life of the development; they work closely with architects, interior designers, project managers, and the management companies to achieve design consistency. As your development progresses, Weave Property Branding acts as the common thread that pulls your brand experience together with the built environment. We weave the design professionals together to provide a single fabric that folds into the community.