Euclid Residence

Mountain Brook, Alabama

The main goal of this project was to provide a large 5600 square foot home for an ever-growing family on a smaller lot and make it feel quaint while respecting the scale of the neighborhood rather than following the trend of the McMansion infill.

Located in one of the three historic villages of Mountain Brook just south of Downtown Birmingham, this neighborhood struggles with the consequences of a housing market in high-demand when design regulations are absent. Architectural character, traditional urban design, walkability, and proximity to downtown have led to the popularity of Crestline Village.

The ensuing real estate investment typically encourages maximized footprints, which has a negative effect on the character of the neighborhood and degrades the long-term value of properties because of lower-quality design, inferior construction, and inappropriate massing. Our solution to this challenge was to design a home inspired by the simplicity and honesty of the adjacent houses contributing to the historic character of the community.

The simple massing, authentic materials and attention to detail create a charming residence with a timeless quality that fits comfortably into the neighborhood.  To meet the programmatic needs of the owners, the plan extends deep into the lot and wraps both public and private spaces around an internal courtyard. The courtyard and pool are raised to the main level of the house and act as the central garden space. All main rooms have generous windows and access to the courtyard that allows indoor living spaces to expand outdoors easily and comfortably.

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AIA Alabama 2016 Design Award Winner – Honorable Mention