ZUMA Fitness Center

Alys Beach

The experience begins as you pass through the strong, protective wood-carved wall into a quiet, lush entry garden and reflecting pool. The building then unfolds around a large internal courtyard. You’re never far from nature while you enjoy your movement, strength, cardio, or recovery experience.

ZUMA is the new wellness center at Alys Beach with a design focus on natural light and a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. Coastal, arid landscaping and calming water features reinforce the name behind this 15,000 sf community amenity – a Mediterranean word for peace and wellness. The campus consists of over 33,000 sf of functional spaces, including: an entry garden, café,  lift room, movement room, cardio room, recovery room, a 5600 sf indoor/outdoor lap pool, treatments rooms, steam rooms and a large internal courtyard for outdoor exercise activities.

“For many of us these days, the daily fitness experience is a cathartic release. It serves as a critical meditative experience that complements our busy professional and family lifestyles. ZUMA seeks to embody that need in physical form.” Ultimately, this wellness center becomes one of the major community amenities in Alys Beach and provides a critical function for residents and resort guests to unwind, relax, rejuvenate and maintain a healthy lifestyle in an exotic environment while away from home.

Project Type

Commercial & Mixed Use

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