Project Description

Nequette Office, The Thomas Building

Birmingham, Alabama

When we moved into our temporary space on 2ndAvenue North several years ago, it was just that: Temporary. We never intended to make a permanent home in Downtown Birmingham, but once we saw what the city had to offer both architecturally and culturally, we couldn’t resist.

The firm wanted to be invested in the downtown community and be witnesses to the new businesses and revitalization in the downtown area. By being downtown, we wanted to become an integral part of the Birmingham community which reflects our larger commitment to practicing what we preach about urban planning, especially since it is a mixed use building.

In our first project for which we were both the clients and the designers, we were presented with as many opportunities as we were challenges. We were able to use original materials from the existing building including hardwood floors throughout the building and for our desks, and the steel from the existing freight elevator was converted into railing. And when we saw the incredible views from the roof, slightly higher than the other buildings nearby, we couldn’t help but add on a fourth floor. Seeing this project grow and evolve from day to day and knowing we have a role in Birmingham’s revival has been incredibly fulfilling.

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Project Type

Commercial & Mixed Use

Year Built