Silverock Cove

Smith Lake, Alabama

Beautiful places start with a magical site. We found this to be the compelling design feature of Silverock Cove. Our goal – don’t screw up what God already gave us.

Silverock is situated on 14 acres of flatland within a 33-acre piece of forested property. It fronts over 3400 feet of the cleanest, clearest lake water in Alabama. Silverock is special because we had the opportunity to bring all our service to bear on the challenge – planning, branding, marketing, architecture, and interior design.

As with every development, our approach to design will always fall short without an astute client. The client in this case understood the current declining market conditions and knew he needed a distinct advantage beyond design, so we collaborated to conceive a collection of simple small cottages that could be executed and delivered at a price point that did not exist in the lake market at the time. The response, “Great design? Less than the alternative? I’ll take one!”

To build confidence at the time when many other lake projects were being cancelled in mid-delivery, we relied heavily on the services of Chad Martin with Weave Branding. Our masterplan and design had to be represented in a way that made people feel like it already existed. There was no doubt that quality products, fixtures, and construction practices would be delivered.

We supported the marketing efforts through many mediums: the conception of the logo and name, website, collateral material, story books, brochures, takeaways, print ads, event planning/styling, sales center imagery, signage, and even a walking trail experience. Once sales began to climb, we could shift focus to the architectural opportunities of the project, but we understood that without sales, there would be no architecture, only beautiful drawings in a drawer.

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Community Planning

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