Old Trace Residence

Mountain Brook, Alabama

Our goal with this residence was to create a legacy that would endure as long as the trees and landscape in which the home is immersed.

To accomplish this, we designed the house as a series of experiences the family can travel through, bringing new insights and fresh perspectives that are informed by natural light, views of the outdoors, and a warm color palette. The exterior communicates with the interior of the house as well, with public spaces grounded in stone, and private areas wrapped in dark wood.

The home’s openness and warmth serve to inspire a sense of belonging in the close-knit Mountain Brook community. Upper cabinets were omitted above sink millwork in kitchen to allow for full galley of windows that rush natural light into the open kitchen. Interior spaces were built to be flooded with natural light and views, with lots of height transitions that frame each space by their use. The dining room is perched up on the same level as the trees with floor to ceiling height windows that fully immerse the room into the natural surroundings, and the cedar shake shingles help to blend the home with the surrounding environment.

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