La Prado Residence

Hollywood, Homewood, Alabama

The La Prado Residence is as much about the family that lives inside as it is about the community in which it sits.

In the historic Hollywood neighborhood of Homewood, and in the residence, it’s impossible to tell where the new begins and the old ends. The façade and geometrically hedged forecourt reflect the Spanish revival style of the neighborhood, but the layout of the home inspires intimate, informal gatherings, shared meals, and functional, simple living.

The kitchen in the center of the home—the heart and soul of the house. Its 7’x9’ island is designed to have all activities take place there, whether it’s eating, studying, gathering, or drawing. This multi-use nature of the design ensure that this active family house will accommodate changes that come as the children grow up. In contrast to the openness of these common areas, the private, intimate office overlooks the splash pool with a dark bottom that doubles as a reflecting pool year round, and a wall of east facing windows fills the office with perfect light throughout the day.

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